Helipad Kraków Hotel FERO

MSFS Scenery of a small private helipad a few kilometers west from Kraków city center, operated mostly by light helicopters like the Robinson R44 or Schweizers, with occasional EC20 or AS50 visiting as well. It features a challenging approach requiring you to either fly a steep descent over powerlines or trees, or to fly around the hotel building, fitting between a hill and trees.



Key Features:


  • True to life recreation of the helipad
  • Collidable power lines on the approach path
  • Custom Satellite image of the helipad area and its surroundings
  • Realistic night lighting of the helipad and its surroundings
  • Working hangar gate controlled by NAV lights of your helicopter


H188 Changelog


Initial Release

V1.2 - 07.03.2024

H188 V1.2

Added more parkings spots

Update the hangar to fit what’s there in real life now (Added concrete on the back pad, it’s no longer gravel now)

Corrected the tarp on the hangar to resemble real life more

Added hangar interior, with openable doors controlled by NAV LIGHTS (Nav on -> Gates closed, Nav off -> Gates open)

Removed the placeholder runway in the forest nearby, replaced with a Helipad

Added exclusions to allow compatibility with other sceneries covering the area

V1.3 - 28.05.2024

– Added a paved round helipad on the south side of the hangar
– Added one more bilboard visible from the highway exit
– Added Lit Up H Letter on the south pad

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