EPKX LPR Base Kokotów

MSFS 2020 scenery representing the recently opened hems base in Kokotów (near Kraków) serving the southern Poland region around Kraków. There is one H135 based here but it also has a 2nd pad allowing for visiting helicopters from other bases to refuel.



Key Features

  • Detailed custom 3D model of the HEMS base and surrounding buildings
  • Custom satellite image covering base surroundings
  • High quality PBR texturing of all buildings and props
  • True to life night lighting
  • Functional helicopter transport platform controlled by NAV Lights of your helicopter
  • Functional hangar gate controlled by STROBE lights of your helicopter

Scenery includes two additional hospital helipads

  • Hospital Narutowicza features a custom hospital building, a helipad with true-to-life lighting, and a challenging approach between buildings and over a forest.
  • Kraków CUMRiK, the newest addition to Kraków’s hospital helipads collection featuring true-to-life lighting, terraforming, aerial orthophoto map, and custom 3D Buildings

EPKX Changelog


Initial Release

V1.2 - 07.03.2024


Added new models inside the hangar

Added opening gate controlled by Strobe lights (Strobe on -> Gate closed, Strobe off -> Gate open)

Added custom windsocks

Added exclusions to allow compatibility with other sceneries covering the area

Sadly, changed the ICAO to EPKX0 due to asobo

There’s an EPKX aiport in default MSFS that’s around 100 miles north of Krakow, due to this asobo doesnt allow to overwrite it normally and you have to have a different ICAO if the ‘new’ airport is far from the ‘original’ airport

H324 V1.2

Added new custom buildings for the Hospital, nearby parking and buildings nearby

Added custom windsock

Corrected approach path indicator lights angle (now 13deg)

Added exclusions to allow compatibility with other sceneries covering the area

H321 V1.2

Added custom windsock

Added approach path indicator lights (Now 12deg)

Added exclusions to allow compatibility with other sceneries covering the area

note: If you have real life charts/information on approach path lighting angle at Narutowicza Hospital and Krakow CUMRiK Hospital pads please let me know!

V1.3 - 28.05.2024

– Completely revisited the hangar interior based on real life
– Added transformer stations in front of the gate
– Other minor corrections all around the base, stickers, signs etc.
H324 V1.3
– Completely redone ground textures of the helipad
– Added 3D props for the electrical boxes and the sidewalk
– Corrected lighting

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